mercoledì, febbraio 13, 2013

Yii: click on a link, post your request

In a RESTful application written with Yii, I have an action that fixes some data in the db (like, for instance, the width and the height of an image), by checking some extra sources (the file). I needed to show a link that, when clicked, fired a POST request, and not a GET one. The obvious solution was to find out how to do it with some ajax call, but I wanted to see what Yii gave me.

I was happy to find out that Yii's CHtml::link() function already has everything needed. In particular, just adding 'submit'=>true in the $htmlOptions array, like in

<p><?php echo CHtml::link(
    'Fix picture',
      'submit' => $url,
      'title' => 'Check real size and type and fix data base entries',

is enough to produce a nice unobtrusive javascript code, like the following:
(in the body)

<p><a title="Check real size and type and fix data base entries" href="/yii/photoalbum/index.php?r=picture/fix&amp;id=6" id="yt0">Fix picture </a></p>

(in the jquery code produced, at the end of the page)

jQuery('body').on('click','#yt0',function(){jQuery.yii.submitForm(this,'/yii/photoalbum/index.php?r=picture/fix&id=6',{'YII_CSRF_TOKEN':'168375210910867a3dfab3db8750c4ad5f5aee2a'});return false;});

I needed to set csrf to true because my main config file has CRSF protection enabled.
I wanted the application to work even if javascript is disabled (Progressive Enhancement), so I prepared a fix.php view anyway, with a standard form containing only the submit button, like here:
<?php $form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm'); ?>
    <div class="row submit">
        <?php echo CHtml::submitButton('Fix'); ?>
<?php $this->endWidget(); ?>
The form won't be shown if users have their javascript enabled.

domenica, febbraio 10, 2013

Rugby - ragby - regby

Perché in Italia la parola rugby (trascrizione fonetica: ‹ˈrʌɡbi›) viene pronunciata, il più delle volte, "regby" (‹ˈreɡbi›)? Da dove viene l'idea che la u debba essere trasformata in e?

Su, si può vedere (e soprattutto sentire) che in tutti i paesi anglosassoni la pronuncia corretta è con una sorta di a, e quindi, vista l'origine e la diffusione dello sport, la parola dovrebbe essere pronunciata così.

Per quanto riguarda l'italiano, Dizionario italiano propone la pronuncia ‹'rugbi›, mentre il vocabolario della Treccani indica ‹rḁ′ġbi›.

Quindi, da dove viene la "e"?

(nell'immagine: particolare da Mêlée de Rugby, Bourgoin-Jallieu, Isère, Free On Line Photos)